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“Creative and Innovation Driven Enterprises’ Network – CIDE-NET” project initiated on August 2017 within the frame of the 1st call for proposals of the Interreg Balkan Mediterranean Program 2014-2020. CIDE-NET has a duration of 18 months and is coordinated by the Hellenic Management Association.

The project’s partnership is also comprised of:

  • Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce
  • Union of Private Bulgarian Entrepreneurs “VAZRAZDANE”
  • Union of Albanian Business
  • Business Confederation of “Macedonia”
  • Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The CIDE-Net project’ main aims are:

Entrepreneurial learning and e-mentoring

Design and implementation of entrepreneurial learning and mentoring programs for the promotion of enterprises’ creativity and innovation regarding a number of selected activity sectors in all partners’ countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania, FYROM), which, in many ways, lag behind more competitive European countries;

Networking and Cooperation

Enterprises’ networking and cooperation, at both national and transnational level, to mitigate disadvantages inherent in small size and relatively poor skills;

Development of cross transnational Enterprises’ Networks ensuring project results’ durability, sustainability and transferability;

Good Practices

Wide dissemination of Good Practices and stimulation of innovative entrepreneurship positively impacting on cross border cooperation, regional development, economic convergence and reduction of regional inequalities;

Policy Recommendations

Presentation through the Project “Legacy study” of recommendations for measures promoting cross border cooperation among “creativity and innovation driven” enterprises.